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Lindsey Graham Rips ‘Worse Than Obama’ Trump Over Latest Syria Rant


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who was one of Donald Trump’s biggest defenders in the Senate, has had a change of mind as of late after the president publicly said that the Turkish slaughter of the Kurds in northern Syria was not America’s problem.

Graham has been critical of Trump’s Syria decision and in his latest Twitter rant, he let the president know.

The senator had his harshest condemnation yet of the president’s decision to abruptly pull American troops out of Syria while giving Turkey a green light to invade the area.

“I hope President Trump is right in his belief that Turkeys invasion of Syria is of no concern to us, abandoning the Kurds won’t come back to haunt us, ISIS won’t reemerge, and Iran will not fill the vacuum created by this decision,” Graham wrote. “However, I firmly believe that if President Trump continues to make such statements this will be a disaster worse than President Obama’s decision to leave Iraq.”

“I worry we will not have allies in the future against radical Islam, ISIS will reemerge, & Iran’s rise in Syria will become a nightmare for Israel,” he added. “The statements by President Trump about Turkey’s invasion being of no concern to us also completely undercut Vice President Pence and Sec. Pompeo’s ability to end the conflict.”

Take a look at his tweets below:

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