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Listen As CNN’s Jim Acosta Taunts Spicer During Off-Camera Briefing

The White House continues to hold off-camera press briefings, and on Monday it wasn’t any different. This time, CNN’s Jim Acosta decided to heckle White House press secretary Sean Spicer, urging him to turn the cameras on.

During the briefing, Acosta attempted to ask Spicer a question, to which the press secretary said that there were no cameras on.

Acosta replied by saying, “maybe you should turn the cameras on, Sean?”

But leave to Spicer to ignore a question that’s too hard for him to answer. The press secretary ignored Acosta and began to answer another reporter’s question.

But, Acosta kept on insisting.

“Why not turn the cameras on, Sean?” he interjected. “They’re in the room, the lights are on.”

Listen to the whole confrontation below:

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