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Listen To 911 Dispatcher’s Brilliant Response To Woman’s Infamous Call Over Black Family Barbecuing

California authorities have finally released the 911 call from the woman who came to be known as “BBQ Becky” after she infamously called police on a black family grilling in an Oakland Park.

The Oakland Police Department had initially denied media requests for the 911 recordings, but KTVU obtained the 911 tapes through the California Public Records Act.

The woman, Jennifer Schulte, called police two times during the incident.

The first call lasted less than two minutes. The second call came after the situation had escalated and the victims were angry at Schulte for calling on the police on their family picnic.

The victims were reportedly called the n-word and told to get out of the park by Schulte.

“Who’s yelling in the background? Why is the person yelling? To panic over a barbecue? I don’t understand,” the dispatcher told Schulte.

Schulte wouldn’t give the dispatcher her name and told the dispatcher, “My race doesn’t matter?”

At this point, the absurdity of the situation caused the dispatcher to wonder about Schulte’s mental health.

“Have you ever been to John George?” the 911 dispatcher asked.

“What’s John George?” Schulte asked.

“It’s a mental facility,” the dispatcher replied.

Schulte denied have been treated at the county’s psychiatric hospital.

The police report showed officers considered Schulte for a so-called 5150 hold, which allows involuntary institutionalization for someone who “is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled” because of a mental health disorder.

Listen to the recording below:

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