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Liz Cheney: Turkey Invaded Syria To Teach Dems A Lesson For Launching Impeachment Against Trump


In an interview with Fox News, GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney said that Democrats are to blame for Turkey’s invasion of Syria because they launched an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.

Cheney seems to have missed the part where Trump was the one to give Turkey the green light to invade the country.

But regardless, she went on to blame Democrats.

“I also want to say that the impeachment proceedings that are going on and what the Democrats are doing themselves to try to weaken this president is part of this,” Cheney argued.

“It was not an accident that the Turks chose this moment to roll across the border,” she claimed. “And I think the Democrats have got to pay very careful attention to the damage that they’re doing with the impeachment proceedings.”

Despite Cheney defending Trump’s decision by blaming Democrats, many Republicans have actually condemned Trump for it.

Take a look at Cheney’s comments below:

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