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Look At These Frantic GOP Morons Begging Trump To Fire Robert Mueller

Yesterday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein spent his day with the House Judiciary Committee, listening to desperate GOP lawmakers trying their damnedest to convince Donald Trump to try to kill the Robert Mueller investigation. They also really want a second special counsel to investigate why the FBI is so far in the tank for Hillary Clinton and hates Trump so much.

Occasionally, the frantic Republicans let Rosenstein answer a question, but mostly they just tried to cover-up obstruction of justice for the resident White House fraudster. Will it work? We are skeptical.

Trump lawyer Ty Cobb is swearing up and down to his client, the media and anybody else who will listen that Robert Mueller is DONE, FINISHED, THROUGH with all his White House interviews, and that Trump will be declared most BIGLY innocent president in history.

We question Cobb’s detective work there, but we understand if he needs to say that to keep his loon client from shooting himself in the foot again, like he did when he fired James Comey.

We’re not going to bore you with a long video showing the entire hearing because, to be frank, a lot of the GOP reps just sounded like they were reading whatever script Fox News gave them last night. But we want to share some interesting moments:

Let’s start with Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan:

While Jordan was unleashing his verbal river of bullsh*t about appointing a new special counsel, he didn’t allege a single crime, which is a shame, because SPECIAL COUNSELS ARE APPOINTED TO INVESTIGATE CRIMES, YOU FUCKWIT.

After Jim Jordan, we almost feel sad showing you Louie Gohmert, because Jordan clearly out-crazied him. But we’ll be Ford Tough and have Gohmert time, don’t worry.

But to set up Rep. Gohmert, let’s first watch Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis who gave a PASSIONATE defense of the FBI, and talked at length about how grotesque and un-American it is that these GOP brainwashers are impugning its integrity, just because they’re upset their pussgrabbing trash prince in the Oval is probably going to be indicted. Cohen also gave Rosenstein a chance to talk at length about what a badass Robert Mueller really is.

As Cohen noted how all these GOP hypocrites used to love Robert Mueller, before he was appointed to investigate their beloved president — and more particularly, when Cohen said everybody in Congress respects Mueller — Louie Gohmert piped in to say, “I didn’t! I don’t!” Louie Gohmert would like the record to show he has ALWAYS been a birther moron when it comes to Robert Mueller.

Watch his remarks below:

So that’s how that went.

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