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Fox News Tells Low-Income Vets On Food Stamps To ‘Go Get A Job And Buy Their Own Groceries’

In an effort to promote President Trump’s “Blue Apron” attack on the poor, Fox News is playing to the old cultural stereotype that people who are getting SNAP benefits are lazy and need to go get a job and buy their own groceries.

During a panel discussion on Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto, right-wing contributor Harlan Hill suggested that the best way to solve the “food stamp problem” is for poor people on the SNAP program to “go get a job and buy their own groceries.”

“We can navigate these problems. Ultimately the best recourse for this, if you don’t like the product, is to go out and get a job so you can pay for your groceries.”

Fox News is conveniently ignoring the fact that over 1.5 million low-income veterans depend on SNAP for food assistance, according to the Census Bureau.

The data also shows that forty-four percent of all SNAP recipients are children. Forty percent of SNAP recipients are white. Twelve percent of SNAP benefits go to households that contain a person with a disability, and 10% of recipients are senior citizens.

Fox News’ reliance on an old stereotype blew up in their faces as they ended up telling veterans, children, disabled persons, and senior citizens to get a job and buy their own food. Fox News demonstrated why they are state-run television that will always place Trump first and America last.

Watch the segment below via Fox news.

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