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Man Arrested For Asking ‘Illegal’ Question At GOP Senator’s Town Hall


Man Arrested For Asking ‘Illegal’ Question At GOP Senator’s Town Hall

A Pennsylvania man who attended Sen. Patrick Toomey’s (R-Pa.) town hall Thursday-night, has been arrested after he asked a “deeply uncomfortable” question that the Senator perceived as “threatening,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

According to the report, Mr. Radecki asked Toomey a question about a family member in an effort to talk about immigration.

“We’ve been here for a while. You probably haven’t seen the news. Can you confirm whether or not your daughter Bridget has been kidnapped?” Radecki asked the senator.

After a long pause, Radecki then said, “The reason I ask is because that’s the reality of families that suffer deportation.”

The exchange between Toomey and Radecki led Bethlehem, Pa., police to remove Radecki from the event and said they would charge him with disrupting a public meeting and disorderly conduct.

The move concerned civil-rights advocates.

“He didn’t disturb the meeting,” said ACLU of Pennsylvania legal director Vic Walczak. “He was trying to ask a question.”

The group’s legal director said the ACLU would “love to talk” to Radecki should he require legal assistance.

“You aren’t going to show that intent, and the disruption stemmed not from his question but the response to it,” Vic Walczak, the legal director, told the Post-Gazette.

A spokesman for Toomey called the question “reprehensible.”

“Asking questions that are based upon kidnapping a child is not only reprehensible, but it is inherently threatening,” Steve Kelly told the newspaper.

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