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Man Boasting About His Gun At Church Accidentally Shoots Himself And His Wife

Members of First United Methodist Church in Tellico Plains were meeting Thursday afternoon to eat a Thanksgiving dinner when the topic of the recent mass shootings came up. The conversation didn’t end well.

During a discussion about the recent massacre at a Texas church, one of the members asked if anyone brought their gun to church.

According to local station WATE-TV, a man in his 80s pulled out a .380 caliber Ruger handgun and boasted, “I carry my handgun everywhere.

The man removed the magazine, cleared the chamber and showed the weapon to some other men, then put the magazine back in, evidently loaded a round into the chamber and returned the gun to his holster.

Someone else walked up and asked to see the gun, police said, and the man took out the weapon again.

He pulled it back out and said, ‘With this loaded indicator, I can tell that it’s not loaded,’” according to Police Chief Russ Parks.

He then pulled the trigger, apparently forgetting he had put a round in the chamber. The gun went off and the bullet sliced the man’s palm and entered the left side of his wife’s abdomen and exited the right.

Both of them were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

No charges will be filed in the shooting, according to the report.

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