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Man Faces Charges For Blaming ‘Imaginary Black Man’ After He Accidentally Shot Himself


Man Faces Charges For Blaming ‘Imaginary Black Man’ After He Accidentally Shot Himself

A university security officer accidentally shot himself in the shoulder, when he called the police for help he blamed an imaginary black assailant for the incident. The security officer, named Brent Patrick Ahlers, is now facing charges for the false accusations.

According to The Independent, Ahlers blamed an imaginary black man because he was afraid the incident would cost him his job.

Ahler reportedly told the police that he had been shot by a black man with a “short afro”, wearing black jeans and a navy blue sweatshirt.

Ahler’s incident caused a lockdown at St Catherine University, where a manhunt took place involving 55 police officers, a state aircraft, and four dogs.

Sergeant Mike Ernster, a St Paul Police Department spokesman, said the security guard’s false report meant that “1,800 students (were) held captive in their dorm rooms.

“It had residents of the Mac-Groveland and Highland Park communities fearful that a suspect was on the loose and they could be victimised at any moment.”

The manhunt stopped after Ahler admitted to shooting himself after mishandling his handgun.

Ahlers spent one night in jail after his non-serious injuries were taken care of. Now, according to Deputy City Attorney Laura Pietan, her offices are reviewing the case to decide on charges against Ahlers.

The security officer has lost his job at St Catherine University.

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