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College President Fired For Allowing Homeless Student To Sleep In Library To Escape Sub-Zero Weather

For over 35 years, Brian Carroll has dedicated his life to education. But his job as a Campus president came to an abrupt ending after he allowed a homeless student at Vatterott College to sleep in the school library on a night when temperatures dipped below zero.

Carroll and some of his colleagues knew the student normally stayed in the woods just beyond school grounds. However, on the night of January 6, Carroll allowed him to sleep in the library to avoid the torrent of snow and ice that was pounding the Kansas City area, likely saving his life. Sadly, his act of kindness cost him his job, Fox5 News reported.

According to the report, TA Associates, Vatterott’s private equity owners, fired Carroll on the following business day after seeing surveillance footage of the student entering the library after school hours, even when the library and its contents were unharmed as a result of the student’s overnight stay.

“I had a tough choice to make. He can’t stay on campus. I can’t put him in my car. I can’t take him to my house,” Carroll told  the station. “I just didn’t want to take the chance,” he added. “We had ice and snow.”

Carroll said if he was faced with a similar situation, he’d make the same choice without hesitation.

“Education is a beautiful thing to me,” Carroll said. “But sometimes, it gets destroyed in the process,” he added.

A recently launched MoveOn petition is demanding that TA Associates reinstate Carroll as campus president and raise his salary as a reward for sheltering the homeless student.

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