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Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Thrown Out The Window As Mar-A-Lago Insists On Hiring Foreigners: Report

Donald Trump’s most beloved property, and one that he visited quite often at the start of his presidency, has applied this year for visas for 70 foreign guest workers. This goes against everything Trump said during his campaign about hiring American workers.

According to the Washington Post, Mar-a-Lago claims that it can’t find any American workers to fill the positions. But according to the report, the resort barely makes any effort to hire American workers willing to do the job.

Their efforts to hire American workers was porting two local ads that said they need “three months” of “recent & verifiable [experience] in [the] fine dining/country club” industry.

But the ad only tells the applicants to “apply by fax,” it does not provide an email or a number to contact.

One resident of West Palm Beach, Jeannie Coleman, spoke with the Post. She stated that she applied and got an interview but they didn’t end up hiring her. The club never gave her a reason why.

“I had the qualifications,” Coleman said. “The interview went great. But they never even did the common courtesy to call me and tell me why I wasn’t hired.”

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