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Rubio Invokes Bible Verse To Stop Florida Recount: ‘What Is Crooked Cannot Be Made Straight’

Unable to use legal means to stop the Florida recounts, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Wednesday tweeted a Bible verse in an effort to justify his demand to stopping the recount writing, “what is crooked cannot be made straight.”

Rubio posted the quote as he continues to accuse Democrats of attempting to “steal” elections in Florida as the races for governor and Senate undergo recounts mandated by law.

“What is crooked cannot be made straight, and you cannot count what is not there. Ecclesiastes 1:15,” Rubio wrote.

For days, Rubio has accused election officials and Democrats in Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach Counties of voter fraud, without presenting evidence of these claims.

GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott and gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis (R) were ahead when the votes went to a recount.

The senatorial race, in particular, has been marred by bitter accusations and legal battles launched by Republicans and Democrats, as each side accuses the other of using dirty tactics to try and win the election.

Republicans, including President Trump, have made accusations of voter fraud without evidence to back the claim.

In a Monday ruling, a Florida judge told Democrats and Republicans invested in the Florida recount battle to “ramp down the rhetoric,” warning that unsubstantiated allegations of malfeasance could undermine the public’s support for state officials.

“If someone in this lawsuit or someone in this county has evidence of voter fraud or irregularities at the supervisor’s office, they should report it to their local law enforcement officer,” Broward Chief Circuit Judge Jack Tuter said.

He added: “If the lawyers are aware of it, they should swear out an affidavit, but everything the lawyers are saying out there in front of the elections office is being beamed all over the country. We need to be careful of what we say.”

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