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Marco Rubio Just Tried Defending Trump For Praising Kim Jong-Un, Ends Up Making Him Look Like A Dictator

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio is a constant flip-flopper that can’t seem to make up his mind. When he ran for the GOP presidential primary against then-candidate Donald Trump he swore he would not run for re-election whether or not he won the nomination or even the White House. But Rubio not only broke his promise and ran for re-election, but he went on to endorse Trump himself.

On Tuesday, a day after Trump historically met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, Rubio took to Twitter to defend the president for siding with the North Korean leader while others criticized him.

Rubio tweeted:

But then things got interesting when he tried to further defend Trump. He ended up making things worse by making him look like a dictator.

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