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In Less Than 100 Days Trump Delivered These 5 Huge – The Best Ever — Accomplishments

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In Less Than 100 Days Trump Delivered These 5 Huge – The Best Ever — Accomplishments

On Friday, president Donald Trump claimed that he won’t get the credit he deserves for the first 100 days of his administration, seeking to manage expectations around what he called the “ridiculous standard” of the upcoming milestone date.

“No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!” Trump tweeted on Friday morning.

Don’t worry, Donnie. We’ve got your back.

Really, Folks, I’m telling you, it’s been a rapid-fire first 100 days for President Trump. And for all the mistakes the Trump administration may have made, Trump is by far the greatest, most successful president ever. His administration is full of ‘great success’, more than perhaps any other presidency before it.

Here are five of the most impressive:

1. He alone managed to defeat his “Defeat ISIS in 30 Days” plan in 30 days.

Donald Trump with military

Image: The Pentagon.

Man, that takes guts.

2. Was able to complete a simple thought with less than 50 hyperbolic adjectives.

Donald Trump clueless

Image: imgur

Sir, you’re simply amazing, wonderful, and huge.

3. He learned how to be president from watching TV. No other president in history can match that feat.

donald trump watches tv

Image: Screengrab, CNN

Nobody thought it could be done.

4. Successfully constructed a massive emotional wall between him and Melania.

Melania and Donald Trump.

Image: AP

And it was absolutely free!

5. United millions of people from all different walks of life who absolutely despise him.

Image: Imgur

Image: Imgur

Just wow. Everyone said it was impossible. Well done, sir. Well done.

Every American needs to know how effective our ‘so-called’ president is. So, pass it on!

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