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Mark Cuban: Trump An ‘Immediate Danger’ To U.S. Security


Mark Cuban: Trump An ‘Immediate Danger’ To U.S. Security

Billionaire tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban said that Donald Trump is “an immediate and present danger to the security of this country” during an interview with CNN Money.

The NBA team owner and “Shark Tank” star, who has been a fierce critic of the president-elect, said that Trump’s “inability to control the things he says, his inability to understand the impact of what he says, his inability to have situational awarenesses creates risk for my country, for my kids, for my family, for everybody I know.”

“The U.S. president must be fully aware that his words matter,” Cuban said. “When there’s a misperception of those words — something he just blurted out — that can have serious economic and security consequences.”

“He has yet to demonstrate that he can keep his mouth shut at the right time. That scares the sh*t out of me,” he added.

During the election campaign, Trump said about Cuban,” He’s not smart enough to know what I’m doing.” That led to Cuban making a challenge to Trump on Twitter calling on Trump to agree to a four-hour policy interview with Cuban.

“I wanted to make a point that I don’t think he understands his policies. I don’t think he understands or knows the details that go behind them, from whoever’s giving him his policies,” Cuban said.

If he were to interview Trump, Cuban outlined his plan: “I would take his website, repeat it to him, and have him explain it, and see if he can.”

Trump’s recent picks for his cabinet is a clear demonstration that Cuban is 100 percent correct about the danger he poses to our nation.

Watch the interview below:

Despite his opposition to Trump, Cuban praised him for his marketing ability. “Donald does a good job of marketing himself. That’s what he’s always done. Hillary Clinton doesn’t. She’s not a good marketer. She’s kind of boring. She doesn’t come across as being charismatic,” Cuban said.

According to Cuban, Clinton’s poor marketing is acceptable, because “I’d rather have somebody who understands the issues, understands what’s involved to accomplish the goals of this country, and I’ll trade off charisma.”

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