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Matt Bevin Admits Defeat And Finally Concedes, Kentucky Will Have A Democratic Governor


Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, who was reluctant to accept defeat, admitted on Thursday that Governor-elect Andy Beshear (D) will be the new governor of Kentucky.

According to local news station Lex 18, Bevin has finally conceded his race to Beshear after a recanvass bid resulted in him still losing the race.

“I just want to be clear, we’re going to have a change in the governorship based on the vote of the people,” Bevin said in acknowledging his defeat. “I love this state, I love this country.”

Bevin tried to argue that “irregularities” in the voting process caused him to lose the election. The Republican was hesitant on accepting the election results. This caused his Republican counterparts to urge Bevin to accept defeat and move one.

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