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Matt Whitaker Just Punched His Ticket To Prison

Fearing tough questioning from House Democrats, President Donald Trump’s Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has come out with a bizarre strategy to sabotage his own public testimony: He told the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday afternoon that he would not appear at Friday’s closely-watched oversight hearing unless he receives a written assurance he won’t be served with a subpoena.

The threat for Whitaker not to testify comes after the House Judiciary Committee voted earlier Thursday to authorize a subpoena for Whitaker ahead of his Friday testimony — which House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said he would use only if Whitaker did not appear or would not answer the committee’s questions, including about conversations with the White House involving special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

But Whitaker is facing a no-win situation. He can show up and testify honestly in front of the television cameras for the House Judiciary Committee on Friday, alienating Donald Trump in the process. Or he can show up and commit perjury while trying to protect Trump, which will get him sent prison. Or he can not show up, which will put him in contempt of Congress, which will land him behind bars. Now something about Whitaker is leaking, and we’re not talking about sweat.

It’s now clear that Whitaker is scared to death about tomorrow’s testimony. He is the kind of guy who can’t get through a press conference about Chinese cellphones without sweating gallons and blurting out a confession to obstruction of justice. He knows he’s about to really be overmatched and is now floating feeble nonsense to try to get out of it.

Apparently, Matt Whitaker doesn’t know what contempt of Congress is. If he blows off the subpoena and doesn’t show, the Democrats can have him arrested tomorrow.

We’ll see what happens, but this smells as bad as one of Whitaker’s scam toilets.

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