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McCabe’s Departure Could Come Back To Bite Trump, Here’s How…


McCabe’s Departure Could Come Back To Bite Trump, Here’s How…

On Monday, it was reported that Trump administration officials forced the sudden departure of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. During a CNN panel discussion, CNN national security analyst Julia Kayyem said that this move of forcing McCabe out before the FBI releases the fruits of their investigation could come back and bite Donald Trump.

Speaking with CNN host Brooke Baldwin, Kayyem explained that just because McCabe is gone does not mean Trump’s troubles are out the door.

According to former FBI supervisory agent, James Gagliano, McCabe’s leaving comes as no surprise since officials in his position often move on after a few months.

“My job obviously here is to call law enforcement balls and strikes,” Gagliano explained. “In the 110-year history of the FBI, there have only been eight full-time appointed directors and every one of them had their own deputy directors. The average tenure of those deputy directors is typically between three and six months. Director Wray, the eighth appointed director and confirmed by Congress came on board in August. So without all the hysteria and the noise on the outside, this is a normal process and protocol.”

“If Andy McCabe had been 50-years-old when Director Wray took over, in my estimation and that of many former FBI agents who know the process and how it works, he would have stayed a couple of months out of courtesy to the new incoming director until he could have selected his own person,” he stated.

Kayyem, on the other hand, disagreed with Gagliano’s remarks, saying Trump and his people are doing themselves a disservice by forcing out future fall-guys.

“It is possible this is horrible because this is an attack on law enforcement,” Kayyem began. “But just like everything that the White House does, they’re doing this horribly. In other words; there’s another way to look at it in the sense of the cover-up is so bad.”

“We know why it’s so bad in the sense when you ask a question ‘why is Trump trying so hard to get rid of all these people?’ and it can only be because whatever is underlying the investigation is worse than all of this fumbling,” she continued. “But just taking it forward two or three weeks, this may actually come to the detrimental of the White House because then Wray has brought in people who are long-term FBI agents. He has a deputy director who’s not under the Twitter attacks.”

“You may actually see this be something that is like other things the White House has done — for example, firing [former FBI director]Comey,” she added. “That this may actually, in the end, get us closer to the truth, which many of us believe has got to be worse than whatever this cover-up is that they’re trying to do.”

Take a look at the panel discussion in the video clip below:

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