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McConnell Plans To Let Gun Law Talk ‘Play Out’ Then Do Nothing To Change Them


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been heavily criticized for failing to take action on legislation that would make it harder for people to obtain assault weapons. His stance on it, according to Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, is to let the gun law talk “play out” until people forget about it again.

McConnell has no plans on changing gun laws, even after the country was shocked yet again with two mass shootings earlier this month.

“McConnell’s play, I’m told, is to just let it peter out,” Costa told Chris Matthews. “Talk about being open to background checks and let it play out.”

Costa said:

“The NRA has been weakened by the scandals with Wayne LaPierre. Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show on Friday. He spent hours saying that if the president moves on background checks – they know they’re dealing with a president who’s not ideological at the core and that he may be looking for a win, especially as the trade deal stalls with China. And if he starts looking for a background check win, you already have people beyond the NRA trying to boost that gun rights activism. They’re telling the White House behind the scenes, don’t move an inch, we’re not going to give anything, and McConnell’s play, I’m told, is to just let it peter out. Talk about background checks and let it play out.”

McConnell hopes that talks about gun laws will soon fade out and he will quietly keep allowing anyone to purchase a man-killing machine.

The further we get away from the shooting massacres in El Paso and Dayton, the more it looks like Republicans – led by Mitch McConnell – are hoping to run out the clock until nobody is talking about this issue anymore.

We cannot allow this to continue.

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