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McConnell Tried Blaming Dems For Failed Healthcare Plan, The Internet Responds Perfectly

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to push the blame for Republicans’ failed healthcare bill onto the Democrats. The Senate leader tried to use pity to justify his statements.

McConnell spoke on the Senate floor Tuesday, saying that it was sad that the Democrats celebrated the Republicans’ failed healthcare bill, adding that “These are not just numbers on a page these are real people.”

But, McConnell knows very well that those “real people” protested against the GOP’s healthcare bill.

McConnell however, continued to attack Democrats while pushing the GOP’s healthcare plan.

“I regret that the effort to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare will not be successful,” he continued. “That doesn’t mean we should give up. We will now try a different way to bring the American people relief from Obamacare.”

What McConnell failed to say in his speech was that the GOP’s proposed healthcare bill would double premiums and kick 32 million off of healthcare, according to the CBO score.

But, people took notice of McConnell’s sneaky attempt to push the blame to Democrats and fired back at the Senate majority leader.

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