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McConnell: ‘We Conducted A Fair Trial And Delivered The Outcome That Trump Deserved’


McConnell: ‘We Conducted A Fair Trial And Delivered The Outcome That Trump Deserved’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wrote for the Louisville Courier-Journal on Monday where he claimed that Republicans “conducted a fair trial” that ultimately led to Donald Trump’s acquittal.

“The framers built the Senate to be a firewall,” McConnell wrote. “We held the line. We fulfilled our constitutional duty, conducted a fair trial and delivered the outcome that President Trump deserved.”

McConnell then argued that Democrats only impeached Trump because they were upset with the results of the 2016 election, completely ignoring the actual reason for Trump’s impeachments.

“The Senate’s vote to acquit and end this mess was not just the big victory that President Trump clearly deserved,” McConnell wrote. “It was also a crucial statement for the long-term future of our Republic. We declared that Democrats cannot declare war on our governing traditions just because they lose an election. It was not a high crime or misdemeanor to defeat Hillary Clinton at the ballot box.”

McConnell criticized Democrats for “radical constitutional changes,” they are proposing as part of the 2020 election platform, including court-packing and ending the Electoral College.

“This thinking is poison for American government,” McConnell wrote. “When you fail to persuade the Senate or the American people, the answer is to find better arguments, not to tear up the rules and write new ones. As long as I am majority leader, I will never let Democrats’ short-term rage inflict permanent damage on our Constitution.”

You can read his entire column HERE.

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