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From Mediocre To Downright Awful. Trump’s Approval Rating Hit Record Low


From Mediocre To Downright Awful. Trump’s Approval Rating Hit Record Low

Donald Trump’s approval rating is so bad that he’s now the most unpopular new president in U.S. history. His numbers, which started off remarkably bad, just keep getting worse.

Trump hit a new low in the RealClearPolitics average released Tuesday, dropping to just 39.8 percent job approval, compared with 53.3 percent disapproval.

The first three months of his presidency — which contained both the collapse of the Republican health bill and the revelation that the FBI is investigating whether Trump and his associates coordinated with Russia — have been particularly disastrous for Trump. His net approval has moved from about 6 points underwater to 13.5 points. The trend is dramatic.

Take a look at the RealClearPolitics chart below:

trump's approval rating

Other poll averaging sites, like HuffPost Pollster and FiveThirtyEight, show a similar trend. Trump’s approval started off mediocre and quickly became outright bad, in contrast to other presidents, who have typically started off popular.

Now, to put this in a bit of historical perspective:

Trump’s approval rating is already about where Bill Clinton’s were at the lowest points of their respective presidency, but it’s still higher than George W. Bush’s was for most of his second term — Bush tended to be in the mid- to low 30s.

Even if these polling averages are all off somewhat, the direction of the trend is still clear — and it’s bad for Trump.

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