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Meghan McCain And Abby Huntsman Go Down In Flames After Trying To Defend Ivanka’s Email Scandal: Watch

The two conservative hosts on “The View” were shut down after trying to defend Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email to conduct government business, something conservatives frowned upon with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Both Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman tried to fend for Ivanka during Tuesdays airing of “The View.”

“This girl was there in 2016, was she in a convent?” said co-host Joy Behar. “She was watching TV just like the rest of us. How dumb can a person be to make the same mistake that he’s been b*tching about the whole time?”

Huntsman then claimed that Ivanka didn’t know she couldn’t use her personal email while working at the White House, which prompted co-host Sunny Hostin to shut her down.

“I call B.S. on ‘I didn’t know better,’” Hostin said. “It’s the height of hypocrisy. That’s one of the things her father ran on, and it was a significant part of his platform, but when you do this, that’s what happens when you have this kind of nepotism in the White House. Her role is unprecedented.”

Huntsman, whose father serves in the Trump administration as the U.S. ambassador to Russia, insisted the situation probably wasn’t worth investigating.

“I know Ivanka a little bit, I have exchanged emails — on the White House account — and texts and all that,” Huntsman said. “She is as scripted as they come, so if Democrats are going to use their time, because I think they’ve already talked about they’re going to investigate this. There’s enough to investigate, there’s really no there, there. I would be shocked if there was.”

McCain also agreed there were more worthy topics of investigation.

“I will say, let us not forget Hillary had emails deleted by a computer specialist, amid a congressional investigation, she had her aides smash her devices with a hammer,” McCain said. “I just am trying to explain the Republican side of this.”

When co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked whether Clinton’s actions explained away the facts in Ivanka’s case, McCain insisted the two situations were hardly comparable.

“Destroying emails during an investigation is still different, and smashing devices with a hammer to me is still different,” she said. “Do I think it’s hypocritical? Hundred percent. Do I think she should have known better? Hundred percent.”

McCain then claimed that there were too many scandals in the White House so this one should get a pass.

“When a car alarm is going off every day, you get desensitized to what’s really important,” McCain said. “What we should be fearful of our president using his personal phone. I care much more about that.”

Hostin said she thought the topic was, in fact, important — but McCain disagreed.

“This would not be my No. 1 topic of conversation to choose for this show today,” McCain said. “You guys chose that.”

The argument continues to heat up after that. Take a look at it in the video clip below:

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