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Meghan McCain Just Complained That She Won’t Be Able To Attack Rep. Omar Because Trump Did It First: Watch

Meghan McCain Just Tried To Make Herself The Victim In The Middle Of Trump's Racist Attacks


Meghan McCain Just Complained That She Won’t Be Able To Attack Rep. Omar Because Trump Did It First: Watch

Somehow, someway, “The View” co-host Meghan McCain found a way to play the victim in the middle of Donald Trump’s racist attack against four Congresswomen.

During Thursday’s showing of “The View,” McCain claimed that Trump’s racist attack against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) now prevent her from criticizing the Congresswoman.

Meghan McCain found a way to make herself the victim of President Donald Trump’s racist screed against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

During a rally in North Carolina, Trump continued his attack on Omar while his supporters chanted “send her back!’

“It was really dystopian,” McCain said of the rally. “I was trying to go out to dinner and ignore politics. My family is in town, and came home and saw it on Twitter and then saw it on TV, and look.”

After news of Trump’s racist rant spoiled her evening out with relatives, McCain said she realized that his remarks had robbed her of something else.

“Everyone at this table, and I think, people that watch this show or have ever seen the dumpster fire of my interview with Seth Meyers know I have been one of Ilhan Omar’s most vocal critics regarding Israel, regarding some of her comments I and others interpreted as anti-Semitic,” McCain said. “But the problem right now is, you’re taking away my agency to criticize her policy.”

“You’re making this about race, xenophobia, racism,” she added. “I think any time you’re hitting in a territory where you’re telling any American citizen of a different color than you, to send them back, I too didn’t think this is something I would see in my country, especially going into 2020.”

Take a look at McCain’s incoherent rant in the video clip below:

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