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Meghan McCain Tried To Go After Pelosi And Instantly Got Schooled: Watch



Meghan McCain Tried To Go After Pelosi And Instantly Got Schooled: Watch

During a segment on “The View” this Friday, co-host Meghan McCain called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for selling shirts based on her viral encounter with the pro-Trump reporter this week.

While answering questions about impeachment, Pelosi was asked by Sinclair Broadcasting reporter James Rose if the impeachment process had anything to do with her hate for Donald Trump. She fired back at the reporter by saying: “Don’t mess with me.”

Pelosi used her comment and put it on a t-shirt, which appeared to tick McCain.

“She did answer it masterfully,” McCain said, “the problem is now she’s selling T-shirts that say #don’tmesswithnancy. For $39, you can buy a T-shirt.”

The other panelists seemed surprised and amused, and McCain — who has taken shots at political figures through T-shirts, and so has her husband — thought Pelosi’s fundraiser was inappropriate.

“Everything is for a meme,” she complained, “and everything is for the internet — #shepersisted and everything. You’re talking about impeachment, and it reduces it. It’s reductive.”

Host Joy Behar pointed out that political merchandise was nothing new.

“Like ‘Make America Great Again’?” Behar said as the audience cheered.

That seemed to strike a nerve with McCain who went off.

“You know what?” she said, as the audience continued cheering. “I’m just trying to make a point. I have never worn a MAGA hat, and I think you know better than anybody that I would never wear a MAGA hat, but I just — politics doesn’t have to be a meme and clicktivism.”

Take a look at the exchange in the video clip below:

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