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‘It Was The Lord’: Megyn Kelly Says Black Men Can Forgive Dirty Cops Who Lie To Put Them In Jail Because Of God

On Tuesday, NBC host Megyn Kelly featured a story on her show about how a black man forgave a crooked police officer for wrongly sending him to jail.

Former police officer Andrew Collins began falsifying warrants and police reports while working at the Benton Harbor Police Department in 2003. By 2006, Collins had falsely accused Jameel McGee of dealing drugs.

Based on the doctored report, the court sentenced McGee to 10 years in prison for possession.

Years after Collins falsified a police report that sent McGee to prison, the two men made amends in 2011 and wrote a book together, titled, Convicted: A Crooked Cop, An Innocent Man And An Unlikely Journey of Forgiveness.

Megyn Kelly noted that McGee had been sentenced to prison for 10 years “and then it’s like a miracle because, three years in, you find out the cop who is responsible for you being there was himself arrested.”

Collins told Kelly that he was “called to” reconcile with McGee after he met him in a park by coincidence.

“How did you get past the point of ‘Oh, no,’ to now they call each other brothers?” Kelly asked McGee.

For his part, McGee suggested that God had brought the two men together: “I know it wasn’t my doing.”

“It was the Lord,” Kelly insisted.

“It took years to get to this point,” McGee noted.

Collins said that he had also been able to forgive himself after years of being a dirty cop.

“Because I can’t walk through what God has for me if I’m going to keep myself in a prison of my past,” Collins opined. “And we also realized that God saved this story for a very unique time in our country. You know, you see a black man who was innocent, completely innocent, framed by a white police officer.”

Kelly asked McGee: “When you forgave him, how did it change you on the inside?”

“I became me again,” McGee replied. “Because I was so caught up in the bitterness and the angriness. You know, I wasn’t myself.”

“Wow, good for you,” Kelly remarked, concluding the segment.

Watch the exchange in the video below via NBC:

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