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Melania Mysteriously Racked Up A $100K Tab During 6 Hour Stay At Cairo And Trump Supporters Aren’t Batting An Eye

Trump supporters always complain about their taxes being used to help immigrants, or for people to get financial help for not being able to support their family. But when it comes to the First Lady spending nearly $100,000 in Cairo in just six hours they have nothing to say about it.

Vanity Fair reported on Friday that First Lady Melania Trump’s sojourn to Africa included a $95,050 tab for hotel accommodations in Cairo in just six hours.

Vanity Fair didn’t provide where the money was exactly spent as it’s still unclear how Melania managed to rack up a $100K tab.

As Vanity Fair reports, “It’s unclear how the First Lady and her staff racked up the bill at the hotel, where rooms start at $119 and go up to $699 for the presidential suite,” at the InterContinental Semiramis hotel –particularly since her spokesperson has already confirmed she did not stay overnight.

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