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Sessions In Hot Water: 34 Members Of Congress Just Demanded ‘Immediate Investigation’ Into AG


Sessions In Hot Water: 34 Members Of Congress Just Demanded ‘Immediate Investigation’ Into AG

Frustrated by the Justice Department’s inaction, all 34 of the Democrats on the House Judiciary and Oversight committees have sent a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz demanding his office to investigate Attorney General Jeff Sessions for violating his recusal from ongoing investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s possible role in it.

The letter, signed by the 34 lawmakers, points out that Sessions, who was a prominent surrogate for President Donald Trump’s campaign, violated his recusal when he weighed in on Trump’s decision to fire James Comey as FBI director in May.

“Since the Department has failed to respond to multiple previous inquiries on this matter – despite promising to do so – we now ask that your office investigate and report back to us with any findings and recommendations you determine are warranted,” said the letter.

Shortly before Trump dismissed Comey, Sessions penned a memo to Trump criticizing what he said were Comey’s errors in judgment and following protocol, and recommended a change in leadership at the FBI.

As noted by Business Insider, Trump initially justified his firing of Comey by pointing to a letter from Sessions and Rosenstein. Trump later said during an interview on NBC that “this Russia thing” had also impacted his decision. The next day Trump told Russian officials firing Comey had taken “great pressure” off of him.

“Regardless of which reason is true – that the President fired FBI Director Comedy because of his investigation into the Clinton campaign or his investigation into the Trump campaign – both matters were supposed to be off limits for the Attorney General,” declared the letter.

Sessions himself has told different stories while claiming he did not violate his recusal. He said one case involved the DOJ and the other the FBI.

However, the Democrats point out, both would be violations of his recusal pledge which was to cover “any existing or future investigations” into the presidential campaign.

“The actions of Attorney General Sessions,” says the letter, “in collaborating directly with President Trump to fire Director Comedy reflect a lapse in judgment by our nation’s top law enforcement official and appear to violate multiple promises made by the Attorney General and his aides.”

The letter is not asking for a criminal investigation of Sessions but it does seek a DOJ sanction, which could include his dismissal.

It seems unlikely Sessions’ DOJ is going to actually do anything about Trump’s Attorney General’s many lapses in judgment and broken promises.

However, it does put on the record the growing anger and frustration among key Democrats in Congress over the lies, delays, excuses, and refusal to face reality by the nation’s Attorney General and it’s deceptive dubious politically-motivated actions.

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