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Michael Moore Just Roasted Trump For Being Like A ‘6-Year-Old’ Boy


Michael Moore Just Roasted Trump For Being Like A ‘6-Year-Old’ Boy

One of Donald Trump’s biggest critics and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore made an appearance on MSNBC where he spoke with Christ Hayes about Trump himself.

The filmmaker stated that he isn’t rooting for Trump, but instead is wanting to see him out of office altogether.

“Nobody should feel glib [about Trump failing],” Moore told Hayes on Friday.

“Nobody should be laughing, ‘Aha look at how he’s fallen on his face.’ … There is enormous damage being done in all sections of the government by his minions.”

Moore and Hayes disagreed on Trump’s way of handling North Korea. Hayes said he agreed with the president on that issue, while Moore didn’t feel so strongly about it.

“It’s like rooting for a 6-year-old who suddenly swiped dad’s car and figured out how to take it down the road,” Moore said. “I’m not rooting for the 6-year-old to get on the highway and drive that car. I want the 6-year-old off the highway.”

Hayes was shocked at the filmmakers comments, but Moore and more to say about Trump.

“He will navigate us toward [nuclear war],” Moore said. “Our only hope is that, please Pentagon if you’re watching, the football, the nuclear football … I’m guessing they don’t have the codes in there. They’re never going to put the real codes in there. I hope.”

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