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Michael Steele Destroys Trump For Thinking His ‘Bromance’ With Kanye ‘Absolves’ Him Of Racism


Michael Steele Destroys Trump For Thinking His ‘Bromance’ With Kanye ‘Absolves’ Him Of Racism

The former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele called out Donald Trump on live television on Thursday for using Kanye West as an attempt to excuse his racism.

During a panel discussion with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, Steele blasted Trump for holding a photo op with West while there are bigger problems he should be handling.

“I’m sorry, meeting with Kanye does not absolve you of your position on Charlottesville,” Steele said, referring to the white supremacist rally that took place last year where Trump called neo-Nazis “fine people.”

“It does not absolve you on talking about the continent where my ancestors came from as an [sic] ‘S-hole,’” he added before noting that the meeting will not excuse Trump’s desire to build a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out or putting migrant children “in cages.”

“So you can meet with Kanye and have your bromance moment,” he said, “but the American people see through it and see it for what it is.”

Steele then said that the black community is not “going to wake up and go, ‘he met with Kanye, I think I’ll go vote for Trump.’”

“That’s not how that works,” the former chairman said.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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