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Mike Flynn Just Turned Over a Major Cache Of Docs Revealing ‘Very Significant’ Details In Trump-Russia Probe: Report

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn has turned over a major cache of documents that is raising new questions among investigators about the Trump campaign possibly coordinating with Russian officials to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to a new report by Politico.

Citing Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Politico reports that Senate investigators are sifting through documents that were released as part of an “end-of-the-year dump” and that he claims have produced “very significant” revelations related to the Russia investigation.

“We’ve had new information that raises more questions,” Warner explained.

Although Warner himself doesn’t say where these documents come from, a source told reporter Natasha Bertrand that the documents came from Flynn, who last year pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and who pledged to cooperate fully with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Warner blasted Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) for hyping up a memo that he wrote that purportedly shows a deep state conspiracy to undermine President Donald Trump.

In reality, says Warner, “the Nunes memo is part of a coordinated effort to try to impede the investigation” and is based on “fabrications” and “dots that don’t connect.”

“Mueller is getting closer and closer to the truth,” Warner told Politico, and “closer and closer to the truth is getting closer and closer to the president.”

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