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Mike Huckabee Praises ‘REAL Reporter’ For Saying Obama Is A ‘Satanist’ Who ‘Rapes Children’

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) shared his praise for reporter Liz Crokin laws week while attacking the “media goons” who “portray Donald Trump as racist, sexist, bigoted, selfish,” according to Right Wing Watch.

Taking to Twitter, Huckabee shared an article that Crokin had written for Townhall back in 2016.

The piece reads more like a public relations promo for the then-presidential hopeful, and Crokin writes about how Trump saved a widow from losing her family farm after her husband committed suicide and did a couple of other seemingly magnanimous acts.

Let’s not forget when Crokin claimed that former President Barack Obama was a satanist who rapes kids.

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