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Mike Pence Is Getting Chewed Up By Twitter Users After His Childish Behavior At NASA

Vice President Mike Pence made himself internet famous after a photo emerged of him blatantly disregarding a NASA sign imploring visitors not to touch a piece of equipment.

Pence decided to go ahead and touch the equipment when a sign clearly read, “Critical Space Flight Hardware ‘DO NOT TOUCH.’”

In response, the internet has made a mockery of the vice president. Twitter users are going meme galore.

Pence was at the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday when he walked towards a piece of Orion hardware, a spacecraft that was set to be flown in 2019.

“Here from this bridge to space, our nation will return to the moon and we will put American boots on the face of Mars,” he said in a speech. The speech, however, was overshadowed by his apparent disregard for the “DO NOT TOUCH” sign.

The viral image has been used to make quite a few memes. You can see some of the best ones below.

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