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Mike Pence Is Worse Than Donald Trump

Mike Pence is worse than Donald Trump


Mike Pence Is Worse Than Donald Trump

Donald Trump impeachment isn’t necessarily the door to a happy ending. Never thought much about Mik Pence, did you?

If Trump gets tossed out of office, he’s next in line. We’d have a chief executive who reportedly calls his wife “Mother.” Who has a rule that he won’t drink in a room where there’s mixed company unless his wife is present, or eat a meal alone with any woman he’s not married to.

The least alarming interpretation of the vice president’s rules of sexual separation is that this guy is such a wild man, he can’t control himself unless there’s somebody else there to guard a female in his near proximity.

We’ll have to presume that Pence is living in a world of the old order, when women weren’t seen as normal employees, employers and colleagues, but as a different species entirely, defined by their gender, deserving of dismissive treatment and special discrimination.

On a practical basis, if he became president, would that mean no private lunch with Nancy Pelosi unless Chuck Schumer came, too? If Theresa May wanted to sit down with him and confer about Brexit, would he be able to offer her a snack?

Also, we must never forget that Pence spent most of his political career running against gay rights. It’s part of a larger opposition to all sex outside of traditional wedlock. In Indiana, Pence tried to drive Planned Parenthood clinics out of business. In one county, that action left no free services providing testing for H.I.V. and it helped trigger an epidemic.

So impeachment isn’t necessarily the door to a happy ending. But it would at least mean taking a stand against the idea that a fraudulent president can obstruct justice and just keep sitting in the White House.

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