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Mike Pence Just Lied His A** Off About TrumpCare And Taxes At a Meeting In FL


Mike Pence Just Lied His A** Off About TrumpCare And Taxes At a Meeting In FL

Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday to speak to small business owners and government leaders about health care and economic issues. And guess what… Yep, you guessed it. He lied, a lot.

Pence did not waste time to spill a barrage of falsehoods about the progress made under the Trump administration and the nation’s healthcare crisis.

“President Trump is going to be the best friend the American small businessman ever had,” Pence assured the audience on Saturday afternoon. “Trump’s going to fight for small business America,” he said, according to local ABC affiliate WCVB-5.

“On day one, President Trump…rolled back reams of red tape,” he said. “As a result, just last month, the American economy added 235,000 new jobs, and we are just getting started.”

Yes, he was just getting started with his lies.

Pence promised to cut taxes “across the board for working families.” That’s a lie. In fact, Trump’s budget is a scheme designed to screw the poor and the middle class in favor of cutting taxes for the wealthy.

The Vice President also tried to sell TrumpCare by criticizing Obamacare.

“The Obamacare nightmare is about to end,” he assured the crowd.

“Obamacare has failed the people of failed the people of America, and Obamacare must go,” he said. Mr. Pence called Florida “a textbook example of Obamacare’s failures.”

However, even by 2017 standards, this is bizarre. To the extent that reality still matters, Florida is actually a textbook example of the Affordable Care Act succeeding. What will the 1.9 million people in Florida who have coverage under the federal exchange this year do if the plan eventually goes away? No one knows.

Pence was clearly trying to deceive his audience with rhetoric he should’ve recognized as false. Have you noticed how common this is becoming with the vice president?

Usually, when we think about the Trump White House and dishonesty, we immediately think of Donald Trump, who lies with such unnerving frequency that some have questioned his mental stability. By comparison, Mike Pence may look like a Boy Scout.

But looking past the Trump comparison, Pence’s recent departures from the truth are starting to pile up. Pence’s claims about when he learned about Michael Flynn’s work as a foreign agent, for example, clearly aren’t true. This followed related claims from Pence about Flynn’s communications with Russia that have already proven to be false. (The vice president believes he was the victim in this case of someone else’s lies.)

Pence said no one from Team Trump spoke with Russian officials before Election Day, and that was untrue. The V.P. recently made claims about job creation that were also false.

So, I’m not surprised he lies about Obamacare too.

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