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Mike Pence Just Offered The Most Shameful Defense Of TrumpCare

While President Trump can be easily distracted and prone to Twitter rants over the slightest provocation, Vice President Mike Pence is staying on message like a champ. Sure, the message is outdated and has been completely debunked, but his ability to stick to it anyway is remarkable.

During a fiery campaign-style speech at the annual Republican National Committee Retreat dinner in Chicago, IL over the weekend, Pence ran off the greatest hits of conservative talking points in a desperate plea to rank and file party members to hold the line on the President’s agenda, particularly when it comes to healthcare.

While the event wasn’t televised, the Vice President had someone tweet the highlights of his speech one talking point at a time, peaking with this zinger:

Yes, you read that correctly. The Vice President is suggesting that Children need to take personal responsibility for their cancer treatment. Does he expect those kids to shop around for the insurance provider with the cheapest prescription drug plan or the best rates on anesthesia for emergency surgeries?

The ‘personal responsibility’ line is an old Republican canard, designed specifically to touch a nerve with the party base and differentiate themselves from those needy, entitled Democrats who want the government to give them everything.

But who really benefits from government spending? If you listen to Mike Pence, you might think it was those blue states, packed with damn hippie socialist liberals, sipping their lattes and providing free abortions for bored, horny teenagers.

The truth? Not so fast, Mr. Pence.

As it turns out, it is red states that are overwhelmingly the Welfare Queen States. Yes, that’s right. Red States — the ones governed by folks who think government is too big and spending needs to be cut — are a net drain on the economy, taking in more federal spending than they pay out in federal taxes. They talk a good game, but stick Blue States with the bill.

Vice President Pence might be applauded for staying on message. Unfortunately for him, and his party, the message has changed. Just last week, Morning Consult polled Republican voters and found that only 3 out of 10 them disapproved of the American Health Care Act, the official name of the GOP’s ObamaCare repeal and replace initiative.

Here are some other live tweets from the Vice President’s speech:

Go ahead and bookmark this article. The next time some ignorant trumpeter tries to tell you it’s liberals who are ruining the country and spending us into oblivion, kindly point them to the evidence that shows it is GOP states, not Democrat states, who are Welfare Queens. It is GOP states who spend more than they collect in taxes. It is GOP states who are out of balance, nationally.

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