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‘That Mexican Thing’: Mike Pence’s Defense Of Trump’s Rhetoric Goes Viral


‘That Mexican Thing’: Mike Pence’s Defense Of Trump’s Rhetoric Goes Viral

Hispanics nationwide are slamming Indiana governor Mike Pence for using the phrase “that Mexican thing” during Tuesday night’s debate, a retort they say is going to do heavy damage to the GOP on Election Day.

The Republican vice presidential nominee found himself in hot waters after a heated exchange with Tim Kaine over Donald Trump’s racist comments against minorities. Kaine brought up Donald Trump’s controversial past statements many times during the debate, including when the Republican nominee said that “Mexicans are rapists,” prompting Pence to respond with “Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

Watch the exchange below:

Using #ThatMexicanThing, the Latino community flipped the script on Pence’s comment, setting Twitter on fire.


#ThatMexicanThing quickly became used to react to Pence’s statement, with users instead sharing their own stories of hard work and sacrifice.



By the time the debate was over, someone created The link, when clicked, redirects to Hillary Clinton’s campaign website. The website was set up by a man from Portland, Oregon, named Danilo Alfaro, who set it up without any contact with the campaign, according to The Guardian.

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