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Missouri Republicans Are Forcing Women To Be ‘State-Sanctioned Sexually Assaulted’ If They Want An Abortion

Republican lawmakers in Missouri have passed yet another line destroying women’s rights in the state.

A new report by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed on Thursday that Missouri Republicans will force women to be thoroughly examined in the pelvic area if they want to get an abortion.

“What we have discovered is that as of Thursday of last week, as of a week ago today, we can now report that every woman seeking a legal abortion in the state of Missouri is being subjected to a mandatory, medically unnecessary, pelvic examination by order of the state government,” Maddow reported.

“Only now, before they let you go from that first appointment, you must, by order of the state, take off your clothes and submit to an intrusive vaginal inspection that you do not need and your doctor does not want to give you. This is the latest thing the state of Missouri is doing as of this week as they’re trying to force the last clinic in the state out of business,” Maddow reported.

One doctor described it as “state-sanctioned sexual assault.”

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