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Mitch McConnell And His Wife In Hot Water After $78M Scandal Surfaces — Could They Face Criminal Charges?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, Transportation Department Secretary Elaine Chao, are facing a fierce backlash after a Politico report revealed that she helped steer $78 million for her husband’s favorite projects in his state.

As reported by The Independent, Chao, who was picked by Donald Trump as to head the Department of Transportation, assigned aide Todd Inman to serve as an intermediary to McConnell and state officials in Kentucky — the state for which he has been serving as a U.S. senator since the mid-1980s.

Walter Shaub, former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, has denounced the arrangement as wildly inappropriate. “We are now a full-fledged banana republic,” Shaub posted on Twitter. “We have nothing to teach the rest of the world except what not to be.”

Shaub also tweeted, “This is the sort of thing that should lead to the impeachment of a corrupt official — that is, if her corrupt husband weren’t in a position to block that impeachment.”

Silicon Valley techie Adam Rifkin, in response to Shaub’s “banana republic” comment, tweeted, “How many of Mitch McConnell’s favored projects for Kentucky are funded by Russian oligarchs?”

But this is just the tip of the iceberg for McConnell. Recent reporting shows that the Senate Majority Leader is like the president. He is not only a shameless partisan, he also appears to be taking full advantage of the chaos and corruption of the current era to enrich himself and his wife personally.

The New York Times reports that Chao has blatantly leveraged her position in Trump’s Cabinet to benefit her family’s shipping business, the Foremost Group. In 2017, she had planned a visit to Beijing, ostensibly on government business, and has also arranged for members of the family to attend government meetings. This so alarmed the U.S. embassy that staffers there got in touch with the State Department to find out how to handle it.

Never let it be said that McConnell himself isn’t doing his part to ensure the corruption of the Republican Party. You will recall that he was personally responsible for the government not warning the public about Russian interference — and remains committed to blocking all election protection bills in the Senate, even those sponsored by Republicans. And he isn’t one to turn down voting-machine lobbyist money, either.

McConnell also continues to pack the courts with right-wing judges at a frenzied pace and has made it clear that he will fast-track Donald Trump to acquittal in a Senate trial, should the House impeach him. If Mitch is not be technically guilty of obstructing justice, he’s doing it just as much as the president is.

Trump and his spawn could only dream of such an effective scam. Not only is it corrupt to the core, it’s downright unpatriotic.

Legal experts suggest that if McConnell loses his reelection bid in 2020, he may face a referral for criminal prosecution.

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