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Mitch McConnell Blocked Legislation That Would Have Prevented The Texas Massacres


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could very well have blood on his hands. A new report revealed on Tuesday that the shooter that killed seven people in Odessa, Texas over the weekend had obtained his weapon by taking advantage of a loophole that Republicans continue to refuse to close.

Law enforcement sources tell ABC News’ Matt Gutman that 36-year-old Seth Ator bought his AR-15-style rifle through a private sale, which meant he did not have to undergo a federal background check.

It was also reported on Monday that Ator had actually failed to pass a background check when he initially tried to purchase his weapon.

Gun control advocates have long wanted to extend mandating federal background checks for all sales of weapons, including private sales at gun shows or sales between individuals. So far, however, McConnell has not endorsed any specific measures to strengthen background checks.

This mass shooting could have been prevented if McConnell and Republican lawmakers got on board.

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