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McConnell On Shaky Ground As Support For Removing Trump Skyrockets In New Poll

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), who is facing a fierce backlash over his vows to coordinate the Senate impeachment trial directly with the Trump White House, got a bad Christmas present in the form of a new poll that shows record-level support among U.S. voters for the removal of President Donald Trump.

The daily tracking poll from Microsoft News published Wednesday asked respondents if they “support or oppose the Senate voting to remove President from office?” It found that while 55% of people support only 40% oppose—a dramatic surge for those backing Trump’s ouster and a record for the poll that has been asking that same question since late September of this year.

The finding indicates that the Republican Party’s effort to obstruct accountability for the president is having the opposite effect.

Notable in the responses was the dramatic swing since the poll was taken just one week ago, when 48% were in favor and 47% opposed.

“This polling is a clear sign that [the] Republican policy of complete obstruction is not selling well to [the] voting public,” said David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research.

In a series of tweets, Rothschild explained why the tracking poll figures present a troubling trend for Trump and his Republican enablers. “When you follow polling daily, you learn people rarely make big jumps from Opposition to Support, but slowly move through don’t know or third-party,” he said.

The daily tracking is not the only survey of recent days to show Americans more in favor of Trump’s removal than opposed.

A HuffPost-YouGov poll, taken just prior to the Christmas holiday (Dec. 20-22), showed 47% in favor of the Senate voting to convict Trump compared to 42% who opposed. A Morning Consult-Politico poll, taken just prior to the Christmas holiday showed similar numbers in favor of removing Trump, with 51% supporting and 42% opposed.

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