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Mitch McConnell Shows He’s Is a Treasonous Sulfur-Powered Sewer Demon

Mitch McConnell is evil

Let’s face it. To say that Donald Trump represents a danger to the world is an understatement. In fact, there are not enough words to describe his shameless, narcissistic, racist and criminal behavior. Yet, there’s one man that is even more dangerous to our democracy and to the world than Donald Trump: Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

I am not being hyperbolic when I say that Mitch McConnell is evil. One of the most frustrating things about having to deal with a Donald Trump presidency is the fact that McConnell has managed to openly block any attempt to hold Trump fraudulent accountable for the many crimes he has allegedly committed while in office.

The fact that McConnell holds total control of the US Senate is perhaps the most unbearable side effect of them all. Here is a man who made it his solemn oath to thwart a President who was elected fair and square—and by an actually huge, not-bullshit-Trump-YUGE, margin—and who then spent eight years doing exactly that.

McConnell is a man who hijacked a Supreme Court vacancy and got away with it.

McConnell is also a traitor. In the wake of an unprecedented breach in American cybersecurity, what did this guy do? He threatened President Obama that he would publicly discredit the non-partisan intelligence report just to fuck him, along with the American people. It worked, of course. Oh, and now McConnell’s wife has a Cabinet post and is already embroiled in a scandal after she was caught diverting $78 million for her husband’s favorite projects in his state.

This man has no morals, nor any respect for the rule of law, nor any respect for those who would defy him. For his own personal gain, he permitted Russia to continue manipulating the November election so that his party’s candidate could win—giving us a quivering mound of chili drippings for president. And God knows what kind of dirt Putin has on him.

McConnell has supported Trump’s lies after lies after lies after lies, and the diabolical result it that all the truths told about him sound like lies themselves.

But they’re not. This man is repugnant and doesn’t deserve to keep his job, and it’s an indictment of his party that no one—NO ONE—has the balls to openly defy him at the present moment. His colleagues are way more scared of him than Trump.

Now, with a barrage of sexual harassment and rape accusations against Trump, and the alarming findings of the Mueller report, McConnell continues to protect the president by openly saying that any attempt by Democrats to bring Trump to justice will be squashed in the Senate.

The turtle jokes no longer work. As long as Mitch McConnell has a say in anything, our democracy is a joke. F-ck this guy. It’s time to vote this traitor out and send him packing to hell.

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