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Mitch McConnell Suddenly On Thin Ice After Trump Pulls Funds From Kentucky Military School To Pay For Wall

Senate Majority Leader ‘Moscow’ Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) has long been a supporter of Donald Trump’s most ridiculous plans. But now that the president has pulled funding for a Kentucky military school and diverted it to pay for his border wall, McConnell suddenly finds himself walking the plank towards a potential blue wave in his state and he’s panicking.

Ft. Campbell Middle School was supposed to receive $62.6 million in February of 2020 but ended up cut from the budget when Secretary of Defense Mark Esper released the list of projects that would be indefinitely put on hold after Trump essentially stole a little under $1.8 billion in military funding.

The move sent McConnell into a panic frenzy when Kentucky voters discovered that Trump’s move to divert military funding to his border wall would end up affecting a military middle school that was set to be constructed in their state.

A spokesperson for McConnell released a statement saying, “Senator McConnell recently talked to Secretary Esper regarding the issue and is committed to protecting funding for the Ft. Campbell Middle School project.”

While it’s nice to see at least a shred of human decency out of the Trump sycophant, it is worth noting that it was McConnell himself who helped ensure that Trump would be able to do exactly this when the Kentucky Republican voted in favor of Donald’s national security declaration back in March. Also, notably, Mitch doesn’t appear to care about any other schools that have had their funding yanked for the vanity wall — just the one in his own state, that will no doubt be built by contractors he knows well.

Of course, McConnell and his crew had to at least attempt to smooth over his defiance of the president. And they did so by doing just exactly what they’ve always done — blame the Democrats.

McConnell’s spokesperson added in their statement, “Regrettably, Democrat opposition to secure our borders has now led to the potential delay of certain Military Construction projects. We would not be in this situation if Democrats were serious about protecting our homeland and worked with us to provide the funding needed to secure our borders during our appropriations process.”

All in all, a staggering 127 military projects, both domestic and overseas, are being put on indefinite hold in an effort to fund Trump’s border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for, according to CNN.

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