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The Moment Trump Supporters Start To Realize They Have Been Conned


The Moment Trump Supporters Start To Realize They Have Been Conned

It was inevitable. Donald Trump supporters are finally realizing their president-elect doesn’t care about any of the promises he made on the campaign trail and that they’ve been shamelessly conned.

As Trump rallied his supporters during the campaign, the chant of “Lock her up” followed him everywhere he went. And he rejoiced in it as he repeatedly promised, even on national TV to do exactly that. And during the final days of the campaign—after James Comey released his infamous letter, Trump practically spoke about nothing else. He painted Hillary Clinton as the most corrupt person ever in history and promised that when he became president he’d make sure she spent the rest of her life behind bars.

His fans loved it. But they’re about to be disappointed.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump essentially said: “never mind,” declaring that he does not intend to pursue investigations into his rival’s use of a private email server or the financial operations at the Clinton family’s global foundation.

Trump Spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway made the announcement during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, saying that the president-elect wants to “move beyond the issues of the campaign” and confirming that Mr. Trump did not want his promised Clinton investigations to take place.

“If Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing,” Ms. Conway said.

Aww! Isn’t that sweet? Trump is going to help Hillary Clinton “heal.” What a guy.

Of course, he’s also signaling that he won’t undertake “the most corrupt use of the Justice Department since Watergate,” according to him.

And there’s more: Remember when Trump said Climate Change was a “Hoax perpetrated by the Chinese” in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive and promised to abolish the environmental protection agency? Well, he seems to have changed his mind on this hot-button issue too.

“I think there is some connectivity between humans and climate change,” Trump said today.

So there you have it. A year ago climate change was a hoax. Three months ago climate change had gone up and down. Two months ago it was no longer a hoax. Today it’s definitely for real and partly caused by humans.

Yet another disappointment for his fans. On the bright side, I’m sure he has no intention of actually doing anything about climate change, even if he now claims to believe in it.

The bottom line here is that “locking Hillary up” was never something Trump planned to do in the first place and he knew his gullible supporters would buy his climate change lie. It just sounded good and made his crowds happy. Once the election was over, he didn’t care anymore. I wonder how many more of Trump’s promises fall into that category? His supporters are about to find out just how far the Trump con goes.

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