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Morning Joe Hammers Mike Pence’s ‘Utterly Appalling, Wasteful, Profligate, Disgusting Behavior’

Morning Joe Blasted Mike Pence Monday after the vice president staged a pre-planned walkout of a Colts-49ers football game over the weekend when a number of players knelt during the national anthem.

Vice President Pence left the game in protest of the player’s protest, and President Donald Trump later tweeted that he told his vice president to leave the game and that he was “proud” of him.

MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt kicked things off: “It’s truly amazing. So he took Air Force 2, a full package of Secret Service from Las Vegas to Indianapolis for a stunt, inconvenienced tens of thousands of Colts fans.”

“To, again, use the flag and the anthem as a prop,” Schmidt said. “And the greatest desecration of that flag is the assault on its foundational values which occurs every day with this administration with their attacks on the spirit of the First Amendment, freedom of the press, freedom of expression.”

“Utterly appalling, wasteful, profligate, disgusting behavior from the vice president,” he concluded. “He ought to be ashamed of himself.”

“It’s sad,” MSNBC’s Elise Jordan added, continuing that Pence used the Colt’s fans as political props. “It’s sick and it’s sad and it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars too.”

Watch the entire segment in the two clips below, via MSNBC:

Here’s the rest:

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