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Morning Joe Panel Burst Into Laughter After Reading Trump’s Frantic Tweets Whining About Obama

President Donald Trump on Thursday fired off a pair of frantic tweets complaining about House Democrats opening new investigations into “every aspect” of his life. The tweets caused MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to burst out laughing.

Trump also claimed that Democrats were “going ‘nuts’” and “stealing people who work at the White House,” and he whined that former President Barack Obama hadn’t faced the same level of scrutiny.

“Just for a little comic relief, we have a tweet from the president of the United States,” Scarborough said.

MSNBC contributor Sam Stein read the tweets aloud, as the “Morning Joe” co-hosts laughed, and Scarborough stopped him after the complaint about Obama.

“All right, let’s just stop right there,” Scarborough said. “Where was he? This Benghazi investigation, how long did it go on? They literally kept it going until Hillary Clinton’s campaign was over. For four years they investigated.”

The president again dismissed the ongoing Russia investigation as a “witch hunt,” and Scarborough mocked his complaints.

“How many people have been indicted in the witch hunt?” he said. “Are we in the 30s, 40s? He says witch hunt. He says Russian bloggers, which means that his campaign manager was a Russian blogger, which means that his pick for national security adviser was a Russian blogger, which means his long-time lawyer must have been a Russian — his longtime political consigliere, I guess, was the same, and you can go on and on and on. That’s the president admitting that everybody around him are longtime Russian bloggers, fascinating.”

Watch Joe Scarborough’s reaction in the clip below, via MSNBC.

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