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Morning Joe Throws ‘Moscow Mitch’ Into The ‘Endangered Candidates’ List After Kentucky loss

On Wednesday, MSNB host Joe Scarborough gleefully mocked “Moscow Mitch” McConnell his efforts failed to secure Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin his re-election, who narrowly lost to Democrat Andy Beshear.

McConnell rallied with Trump in Lexington, asking Kentuckians to vote for Bevin because the gubernatorial race was a referendum on his administration.

“Yeah, it is about him,” Scarborough said, “and you know who else it’s about, and we’ve talked about it, the guy that a lot of people in Kentucky, certainly around Lexington and Louisville, call ‘Moscow Mitch,’ even some people in the rural areas starting to call him ‘Moscow Mitch,’ because they don’t understand why he continues to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding and not listening to Trump’s FBI director, not listen to Trump’s CIA director, not listen to any military people that keep warning ‘Moscow Mitch’ to put up these safeguards to protect American democracy.”

“All of Trump’s intel people say this is the greatest threat to American democracy, but ‘Moscow Mitch’ keeps ignoring it,” he added.

“We keep talking about we have to worry about (Sen.) Susan Collins, that race in Maine, the race in Colorado, Republicans have got to worry about the race in North Carolina,” Scarborough said. “I’m sorry, I think again, and I’m only saying what they call him in Kentucky, I think you got to put ‘Moscow Mitch’ now on the list of endangered candidates.”

Watch the video below:

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