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Morning Joe: Trump Is Consumed With Fear Of Prosecution If He Loses, Triggering His Psychotic Behavior

On Friday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski said that President Donald Trump’s increasingly psychotic behavior has been triggered by his all-consuming fears about the economy tanking his re-election chances.

Trump’s erratic behavior has been more pronounced in recent days, and the “Morning Joe” hosts believe he’s petrified about his sagging poll numbers and a possible recession on the horizon.

“That ‘genius’ is at a 36 percent now,” Scarborough said. “You’ve actually been saying for the past week or two that you believe that even his more unbalanced behavior that’s been noted by The Atlantic, and it’s been noted by Jonathan Lemire and the Associated Press, and it’s been noted by Gene (Robinson), and it’s been noted by conservatives.

“From the fascist chants of ‘send them back,’ to the dual loyalty press conference that he held outside the White House this week, you believe that he’s been hearing from his aides inside the White House for the last week or two more bad news coming on the economy, and it’s been your opinion that’s what set him off.”

Brzezinski agreed, saying that Trump fears possible prosecution by the Southern District of New York if he loses re-election next year, before the statute of limitations run out on his alleged crimes.

“Many believe it sets him off because if he loses re-election he’s headed to a, you know, to a bad place in his life,” she said. “You know, legal challenges awaiting him that would not be awaiting him four years later. So this is make-or-break for President Trump.”

Watch the segment below, via MSNBC.

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