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Mother And Daughter Who Report Child’s Assault Are Brutally Arrested On Video


Mother And Daughter Who Report Child’s Assault Are Brutally Arrested On Video

A disturbing video of a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, aggressively arresting a mother and her teenage daughter after the mother called police to report an assault on her seven-year-old son has surfaced on social media.

The recording of the incident, posted on Facebook, shows the mother, who has been identified as Jacqueline Craig, and her teenage daughter being wrestled to the ground and arrested one by one with a stun gun held against their backs.


It appears from the video that the police had been called by Craig reporting that one of her neighbors had attempted to choke her son. She told the officer one of their neighbors – who is also present in the video – had assaulted their son after he dropped a piece of paper on the ground. The officer’s response has sparked outrage online.

“Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?,” the officer replied.

Craig and the officer then had a tense exchange, and when the daughter attempted to stand in between them, he pulled each one to the ground and arrested them.

The video, which was uploaded by Porsha Craver, who said Craig was her aunt, has been viewed more than a million times on Facebook after it was posted on Wednesday evening.

Activists from the Next Generation Action Network were planning a rally on Thursday evening outside the Tarrant County courthouse to protest about the arrest.

The Fort Worth police department released a statement saying they were aware of the video and its internal affairs department is investigating the issue.

Take a look at the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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