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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Just Destroyed Fox News With These 5 Words

On Thursday MSNBC’s Chris Matthews decided to take a dab at Fox News for their recent drop of ratings.

Matthews made an appearance on “Morning Joe” Thursday morning, stating that “Rachel [Maddow] beats [Fox News] every night,” when it comes to viewership and ratings.

“Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough, also bashed on the news network for its recent decline.

“Right now, Fox News is an absolute mess,” Scarborough said. “We talked about this earlier in passing. Roger Ailes gone for, what, maybe six months, a year — and for first time this century, they aren’t in first place. In fact, for the first time this century, they are in third place.”

The two MSNBC’s reporters talked about the recent passing of Fox News’ former chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes.

Scarborough compared Ailes to former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who was forced out after 50 years due to a sexual abuse scandal surrounding his assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

“You look at Roger Ailes’s life, and you look at all of his successes, and I’m reminded of Joe Paterno,” Scarborough said. “A man that America loved and respected and looked up to for years. And I know, certainly, not all of America loved Roger Ailes.

“He was a very divisive figure. But I can tell you, conservatives were thankful for him.”

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